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Hi, I’m Becky Gonzalez, Editor and Team Leader of Curriculum Development .

Having been with the company since June 1992, I’ve held various positions including instructor, developer, writer and editor (and I'm also known as the one who loves to smell books and magazines). I’ve experienced a lot of change over the years. With change come opportunities, however, and one of the best and most exciting has been the creation of Amadeus e-University® (AeU). In the process, I acquired many new skills, I’ve worked with a very talented and creative team possessing a common vision, and watched our efforts grow into a Web site that provides a world of learning opportunities.

And now, with Web 2.0 technologies, we can expect more changes…changes in the way we use the Web…changes in the way we provide training…changes in the way we learn. This blog is a change in how we communicate. I get to tell you about what’s going on with AeU, and you get to share your comments and ideas. It’s a wonderful thing!

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Hi, I’m Miguel Faria, Junior Technical Writer at Amadeus Training Services in Toronto, Canada..

I have always dreamt about travel. As a child, I remember keeping used paper ticket booklets and baggage tags from my father’s trips overseas and pretending I had my own travel agency. A child’s imagination is a beautiful thing.

I began working in the travel industry in the early 1990’s, when I worked for a small commuter airline called City Express as a customer service agent. I was based out of what is affectionately known as Toronto’s Island airport (officially known as Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport). I also worked as a Help Desk Analyst for Galileo in Toronto and Worldspan in London.

In 2003, I started my career at Amadeus as a Help Desk Analyst. I’ve had several responsibilities over the years, including product testing, live online training (I have probably spoken to many of you over the years!), and my recent foray into the world of product documentation. I am looking forward to my new role as your friendly Canadian blogger - sharing my ideas, knowledge and Canadian perspective with you. Sounds good, eh!

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Hi, I’m Cynthia Medina, you can call me Cindy (A.K.A. All things Social Media and gadget enthusiast), Regional Manager of Learning Technology Development for Amadeus Training Services Americas.

Having been with Amadeus since 1995, I’ve held various positions including Customer Support Professional, Technical Trainer, Instructional Technologist, and Team Leader of Employee Training and Development. I'm responsible for improving Training Services Americas' business processes and driving the organization's technical, social media, and multimedia strategies for North, South and Central America and the Caribbean. With the different positions came new growth opportunities, lots of challenges, and the exposure to technology that I was lusting for (they’ve created a monster). I started in Training Services as a Technical Trainer when Amadeus e-University® (AeU) was “new,” and gained skills that have made me into the geek I am today.

I’ve been part of a lot of new and exciting projects, but leading the implementation of this blog, My Conversion Space Wiki, Podcasting, Mobile Learning, and other Social Media components, top my list. My passion is all things technology, sharing my knowledge, and learning from you, so please don't let me talk to myself, comment back. I would love to hear what you have to say.


Hi ya'll! I'm Bobby Hembree, Senior Instructional Developer for Amadeus Training Services in Miami, FL.

I grew up being fascinated with travel, history and geography, which ultimately helped lead to a career in the travel industry. My career began with several airlines in Atlanta, GA. (Now you know where the "ya'll" comes from!) I worked as an Airport Customer Service Agent in several different roles: ticketing, gates, baggage services, and operations. I've been with Amadeus since 1987 working in several positions in Customer Support and Training Services.

As a subject matter expert on Amadeus Cruise, Amadeus Rail, Amadeus Tours and Visa & Health (Timatic), I look forward to blogging and taking you "beyond air" for other travel possibilities.

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Hi, I’m Rory Lavender, Senior Instructional Developer for Curriculum Development at Amadeus Training Services.

I originally joined Amadeus in 1989 when The System was nothing more than batch of written specifications. Boy was it fun to see things come alive! As one of those early Amadeus pioneers, I got to live in the South of France for 15 years.

Have you seen the movie "Julie and Julia"? It chronicles the story of Julia Child and Simone Beck writing the groundbreaking cookbook, "Mastering the Art of French Cooking". I lived in Simone Beck’s house, and she was my landlady. I also lived in Julia Child’s house, which was on the same property. One of my favorite memories is a photograph of Julia and “Simca” (Simone), where Simca is wearing an apron that said, "Julia Child eats TV dinners!"

I returned to the U.S. in 2005, and currently work remotely from Virginia. I've worked as a travel agent and four airlines. I've done everything from booking reservations and ticketing to handling lost baggage and pushing wheelchairs. It wasn’t always easy, but it has been a blast! I am passionate about online learning and connecting through social media. Let's share ideas about how to make our days more productive and fulfilling for our customers and each other.

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Hello! I'm Dianne Escobar, Senior Instructional Developer at Amadeus Training Services in Miami, FL

I have worked in the travel industry for over 30 years. Most of that time was in the areas of customer support and training services. I believe learning is a lifetime adventure and I am always looking for ways to expand and share my knowledge.

I'll be blogging about Customer Profiles and Queues so you don't have to worry about how to mind your "P's" and "Q's" at the office ever again!

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Hi, I’m Jack DeLoach Jr., Senior Instructional Developer at Amadeus Training Services. (A.K.A. The sultry voice of AeU)

Having been with the company since 1988, I’ve held numerous interesting positions including, Customer Service Professional, Executive Connection Representative, Data Base Technician, Problem Management Team Rep., Team Leader, and my present role as Curriculum Developer in Training Services.

Before 1988, I worked for a major US airline in various capacities, so I’ve been in the travel industry my entire working career.

Presently I’m the Subject Matter Expert (SME) for Hotels, PNR and parts of Ticketing for AeU.

My interests in photography and world travel have brought me to many diverse and exciting locations and have expanded my knowledge of history, art and cultural. It’s given me an appreciation for our differences and yet, shown me how much we are all the same in our need to communicate and share our experiences and knowledge.

So… let’s share our knowledge, opinions, and experiences and have some fun!

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Hi, I’m Jayne Bradley, Senior Instructional Developer at Amadeus Training Services.  

Even though I consider myself a young and innovative person, I have been working in the travel industry for 35+ years. Of course I was only 10 when I started this career. You can imagine the changes I have seen and experienced through these years.

Having worked as both an airline ticket agent and a travel agent, storing fares and issuing ticket exchanges have always been a part of daily life. I've seen the Amadeus System simplify these processes to save time and sometimes even money! I’ll share with you some of the latest and greatest technologies Amadeus has to offer to make these tasks easier than ever.

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Hi, I'm Sandy Richardson, Technical Training Specialist with Amadeus Training Services.

I have been working in the travel industry for some time. I started with Eastern Arlines so my actual number of years in the industry will remain a well guarded secret!

We have come a long way from those first computers and I would like to introduce you to some great tools that are integrated in Amadeus Selling Platfom and can assist you in many different areas, like: you can find answers to questions in our e-Support for Travel Agents site, ensure that all your required information is added in the Passenger Name Records using Quality Control, automatically add those back office remarks using the Amadeus Script Library, and not to mention custom Smart Keys to automatically enter frequently used formats.

I look forward to collaborating with you in the blog on these features and more!

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 Hi, my name is Julie Hanson, I’m a Training Specialist for the Customer Training Team in Canada.

I began working in the travel industry during the last century, (we’re talking the 20th, not the 19th), after a career in public relations. My career path has included a few twists and turns that eventually led to my true calling at Amadeus. I’ve worn a few hats now: Travel Agent, Reservation Agent, Airline Reservations Manager, and now the toque, (that’s “Canadian” for a knitted winter hat), that fits me best, my position with Training Services at Amadeus.

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