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  • Sail across the horizon with Amadeus Cruise

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  • TransAtlanticCruise 

    Spring is in the air and thoughts of European travel beckon. But why wait until the major destinations are filled with the crowds of summer? Spring is a wonderful time to visit, and what better way than a relaxing transatlantic cruise? In a world where everything is harried and hurried, imagine the unique thrill of taking a step into history—to a time when traveling was the adventure—and setting out to cruise across the horizon.[more]


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  • Winter Coats Video: Sailing out of the cold on a cruise

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    Winter Coats
  • Cruise vacations are among the few remaining products that travel agents can rely on for commission income. Airlines have mostly eliminated commissions and hotels, car rentals, and tour companies have cut back or stopped paying them.

    So, to make sure your agency stays out of the cold financially, you need to keep your customers out of the cold by booking them on a Caribbean cruise now or a Mediterranean cruise this summer.[more


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  • What type of holiday travel have you been booking?

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  • In the interest of keeping our community connected, we’re asking you to take this poll to help us continue to create content that is of value to you and your business. What type of holiday travel have you been booking this season?  

    Let us know by taking the poll now! [more]


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  • Amadeus Cruise Matrix - Will you pick red or blue?

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  • When using Amadeus Cruise, have you ever wondered the maximum number of special requests a specific cruise line allows or whether you can sell excursions? You know the information must be out there, but you can't find it. Like a splinter in your mind, the questions fester, slowly driving you mad. Wonder, no more!


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