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  • Use Amadeus RailAgent to facilitate the sale of Amtrak tickets and rail passes

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  • As the nation's intercity passenger rail operator, Amtrak connects America in safer, greener and healthier ways . Traveling by rail contributes less per passenger mile to greenhouse gas emissions than either cars or airplanes. According to U.S. Department of Energy data, Amtrak is almost 14 percent more efficient than domestic airline travel and 31 percent more efficient than auto travel on a per-passenger-mile basis. Amtrak has a range of behind-the-scenes and front-line security measures in place to ensure passenger rail security.[more]



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  • Six travel industry infographics provide a birds-eye view of evolving trends

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    New Technology
  • Do you know what an "infographic" is? According to Wikipedia, infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data, or knowledge. You know the expression, "a picture is worth a thousand words?" In this case, it certainly rings true. Infographics make otherwise boring stats so much more fun and interesting. Not only is it a fun way to disseminate information, its also a fun way to promote your business. You can create an infographic of your services and products, or better yet, create one related to your industry and brand it. Publish it on your blog, and post the link on Facebook and Twitter use an appropriate hashtag such as #infographics or use your company name. It's a great way to establish yourself as an industry leader and gain more followers, fans, and traffic. Here are six informative infographics related to travel and technology that clearly sum up the state of today's travel industry: [more


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  • “Flying” By Rail in Germany

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  • If your travel plans include Germany, you can easily move around from major German airports direct to city centers by booking AccesRail's Rail & Fly product. It's a great alternative to booking domestic flights which may take you far from the city center.[more


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  • When Does A Train Seem More Like An Airplane?

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  • When does a train thinks it's good enough to be an airplane? When it’s a high-speed Eurostar train “flying” the rails! Eurostar is the high-speed rail service directly linking the United Kingdom to France and Belgium via the Channel Tunnel.  [more]

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