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  • What's new with Training Forums?

  • Amadeus e-University
    Training Forums
  • The Training Forums have been reorganized.  Find out what's new with the forums and what's in it for you!


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  • Scheduled Forums that won't bust your schedule!

  • Training Forums
  • If you remember my last blog article, you'll know that I'm a big fan of forums. I've been using them since before Apple was cool. I visit forums almost every day to catch up on news and peruse community discussions on topics of utmost importance. You know, stuff like movies, travel, and hobbies. I'm almost ashamed to admit that I'm more apt to ask a question in a forum than I am to do a Google query. I'm not sure I understand why but there is something to be said about community knowledge as opposed to "Google knowledge." Some subjects don't have a comprehensive virtual trail to follow. Sometimes you just have to ask someone because, after all, there is a difference between knowledge and wisdom, right?

    That's what our Amadeus e-University Scheduled Forums are all about. If you haven't seen the schedule or participated in a forum yet, the Scheduled Forums all focus on one subject of high interest and is open for 2 hours. Each forum is moderated by an instructor that is ready to answer all of your questions for the allotted time. Wisdom at your fingertips! You don't have to stress that you have to be there for all 2 hours though. Scheduled Forums aren't about monopolizing your time like a class would. If we're having a scheduled forum for a subject that interests you, make sure to pop in at some point to ask your question and then keep on working. You can then check back later for the instructor's response. While the forum is only open for posting for 2 hours, all of the questions and responses will be available indefinitely to browse. [read more]


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  • Have you been to the AeU Training Forums yet?

  • Training Forums
  • Discussion forums have been a staple of the internet since before many of us were even using the internet. If you don't know, forums are contained communities of people with a common interest. There are forums for every topic and interest you can think of. Chances are, you've already visited--and possibly participated in--forums for your favorite hobby, or to ask for travel advice, or any number of reasons you might want to visit a forum.

    You go to a forum because you want information, or want to share information, with people who have the same passions and interests as you. Speaking for myself, I know I'm more apt to go to a forum to find answers and information than some formal sources. If that sounds strange, aren't you more apt to ask your colleagues questions before you ask the teacher or your boss? It might seem like all fun, but this can be invaluable in the workplace!

    Back in July, we launched the Training Forums in the Collaborate tab of Amadeus e-University. There you'll find: 

    • Open Forums for 25 different topics that are available 24/7
    • Scheduled Forums with our instructors that are open for a limited time. The discussions are still available to read indefinitely after the forum is closed. [read more]

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