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  • Go LPO with our new e-Topics!

  • PNR
  • You never know when you need a list of clients traveling on an airline going out of business, traveling to a city experiencing severe weather conditions or a natural disaster, or traveling on an airline that has dropped their fares (we like this reason).  Using PNR Search, you can ensure you take care of all affected clients, offering your best service.


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  • Top 10 solutions for the top 10 reasons you call our help desk!

  • Fares and Pricing
  • Our functional help desk receives thousands of calls every month, all categorized and ranked by the number of times a call was received about a certain subject or issue. Understandably, some issues always seem to be at the top of the list every month.

    This week we're going to lift the curtain on our top 10 calls and point you to their solutions. Besides, everyone loves a good countdown; especially one that could make your job easier, save you money—or make you money!


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