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Amadeus Selling Platform Connect webinars are selling out!

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Due to their overwhelming popularity, our Learning Services department will continue to offer the webinars dedicated exclusively to our new, cloud-based platform. Our introductory webinar will be held during the entire month of February 2017. Go to our e-University Events Calendar and enroll in a session that’s convenient for you.


 connect webinars


In addition, if you are a registered user of Amadeus Direct ( click  here to access a new Getting Started area in Selling Platform Connect that offers:

  • Upgrade checklist
  • Take a tour
  • Why is it better?
  • How to create users
  • How to translate Smart Keys
  • Help with Smart Flows
  • Attend a Friday webinar
  • FAQs

Posted by Sandra Richardson at 02/01/2017 11:28:16 AM 

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