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Introducing the latest Amadeus e-Power enhancements

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The latest release notes for Amadeus e-Power (v10.2, 11.0, 11.1, 11.2) our flagship e-Commerce solution for travel agencies, have yielded several updates and enhancements. A quick summary of the most impactful follows: [more]

Version 10.2 new features

  • A Supplementary Information panel that allows you to send a hotel Special Service Request with your customer's hotel preference.

This is a new feature that allows e-Power to capture Supplementary Information in the booking flow. This new feature also allows users to add supplementary information for Hotel bookings, by displaying a text field in which users can enter additional information, special requests etc. The requests made by the end user may not always be fulfilled, but the information is passed on to the hotel. The supplementary information is also present in the booking confirmation, and confirmation email.

  • Improvements to the e-Power Online Help pages

These Help Pages have been added to the e-Power administration website in order to provide direct support to those users navigating the Admin tool. The most important admin tool pages also have contextual online help pages which should assist the admin with activating the right settings. Please refer to the (?) button throughout the site.

Version 11.0 updates

  • Hotel search performance improvements

In the Hotel Search form you now can specify the type of room (double, single, triple or quadruple) your customer can request by default.

  • Configure a default search city in the Hotel Search form

This update allows the admin to configure a default city search in the Admin tool that will be pre-filled in the Hotel Search Form.

Version 11.1 new features

  • The ability to arrange your bookings on the “My Trip” page

This is a new enhancement for sub-agency booking users. This enhancement allows the booking user to retrieve any PNR created in the e-Power sub-agency and display them in the “My Trip” page.

  • The ability to sell ancillary services in the booking flow by integrating the Amadeus Airlines Services Catalog

With the implementation of the Amadeus Ancillary Services Catalogue in this release, chargeable and standard services are now available in e-Power. Users can now search and book services for participating airlines from the Central system’s Catalogue of ancillary services

  • The ability to configure Hotel Deep Links to promote specific hotel content

Define routes that generate Deep Links for your website, newsletter, affiliate websites and social media marketing.

  • A new airline merchandizing feature has been developed that now integrates a Fare Family upsell in the shopping basket.

Fare Families can now be displayed in the shopping basket which allows the agency to offer an upsell for participating airlines.

Version 11.2 new features

  • Mobile UI – Responsive Design

The e-Power booking flow is now compatible with all major browser versions and devices (desktop, mobile…). Thanks to advanced UI customization services, e-Power Premium customers are able to get a Mobile Friendly user interface with responsive design.

For more details on these and other enhancements, click e-Power v10,2, 11.0, 11.1 and 11.2 release notes

Posted by Miguel Faria at 06/16/2017 11:50:32 PM 

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