The Voice of Amadeus e-University the latest Amadeus e-Power enhancements say good things come in threes, but even better things come in fours- Introducing the latest Amadeus e-Power release notes. [more]]]>Miguel Faria2017-06-11T14:54:00ZAre you new to the travel industry? This could help! you new to the travel industry? Watch this video to learn [more]]]>Rory Lavender2017-03-31T14:54:00ZNew Access Code necessary for Selling Platform Connect and FareXpert

Effective February 15, 2017, Amadeus Selling Platform Connect and FareXpert customers will be require to enter an Access Code/One Time Password as an additional level of security, in addition to their username and password. [more]

Sandra Richardson2017-02-09T14:54:00Z
Amadeus Selling Platform Connect webinars are selling out!

Due to their overwhelming popularity, our Learning Services department is offering a series of webinar dedicated exclusively to our new, cloud-based platform. more [more]

Sandra Richardson2017-01-27T14:54:00Z
Newly designed Command Page Assessments now available often hear that students want to test their knowledge. We understand! Quizzing motivates learning and helps us remember. [more]


Becky Gonzalez2016-11-04T14:54:00Z
FXI is here!

No need to cringe when you think about the time-consuming reissue process that occurs when the airline sends over schedule changes in your passenger’s PNR. The Amadeus Ticket Changer involuntary reissue process provides an automated solution to generate a re-issue (exchange) document in just three key strokes. [more]

Sandra Richardson2016-08-03T14:54:00Z
Easily check your class schedule in My AeU

After you have registered for a Training Session, the session information is available for you to view in My AeU. You can setup a calendar entry on your email calendar and join the webinar training session from MyAeU. [more]

Sandra Richardson2016-07-20T14:54:00Z
Available now - a new Amadeus Selling Platform Connect Navigational Tour! the latest enhancements with the new, interactive Selling Platform Connect Navigational Tour. [more]]]>Sandra Richardson2016-07-14T14:54:00ZThree New Self-Paced Ticketing Courses Now Available are Issuing a ticket, Using Amadeus Exchange Relief and Using Amadeus Ticket Changer. [more]]]>Sandra Richardson2016-06-29T14:54:00Ze-Power Self-Paced Courses Now Available! e-Learning Solutions team has upped our game!! Our self-paced courses are now being developed using the award-winning software, Articulate Storyline, which is the 2015 winner of the People’s Choice Stevie Award. Our current self-paced offerings have served our customers very well over years, meeting the needs of thousands of students, with an average QI of 97% for 2015. But, technology waits for no man! We have upgraded in order to guarantee compatibility with the latest browsers and delivery channels. [more]]]>Rory Lavender2016-03-09T14:54:00ZADTD Itineraries – three new versions provide more flexibility

Amadeus Dynamic Travel Documents Itineraries now provides new graphical options that enhance your branding and sales capabilities.


Jayne Bradley2016-02-17T14:54:00Z
Special Service Request Update: Transmitting passenger information

Some airlines, such as Aerolineas Argentinas, require a Special Service Request (SSR) using an IATA industry four letter service code to transmit the passenger contact information such as email addresses and mobile phone numbers. [more]

Sandra Richardson2015-09-22T14:54:00Z
You can now sell travel to Cuba!

As of January 16, 2015, the U.S. Treasury Department lifted the travel embargo to Cuba!. [more]

Sandra Richardson2015-09-17T14:54:00Z
JetBlue (B6), is now participating in Amadeus Fare Families

JetBlue fare families will provide visibility of services included, or available at a charge. It will also advise of options not applicate to fare families.


Sandra Richardson2015-08-21T14:54:00Z
Amadeus Exchange Relief is here!

Amadeus Exchange Relief is a solution that is currently being distributed in the U.S. Market to our Amadeus Selling Platform users. This new solution is designed to assist you with all exchanges, either using Amadeus Ticket Changer, using manual formats with our Do it myself option or with our new Do it for me helpdesk exchange service. [more]

Sandra Richardson2015-07-14T14:54:00Z
Ticket Exchanges: New original ticket line (FO) format for no netting of penalty

Amadeus is introducing a new format to accommodate the manual exchange in the scenario where the penalty cannot be paid for out of residual value. [more]

Sandra Richardson2015-06-18T14:54:00Z
Selling Platform Connect now offers multi-office access

Selling Platform Connect now offers the new multi-office access enhancement which allows users to access (log in to) additional office IDs between a Home (main) office and branch location(s). [more]

Sandra Richardson2015-06-10T14:54:00Z
Use Amadeus Selling Platform Connect to easily access stored fares in the graphic mode

Learn how to navigate Selling Platform Connect to find stored fares easily. [more]


Jayne Bradley2015-03-16T14:54:00Z
Frontier Airlines changes to Ticketless Airline

Effective March 7, 2015, Frontier Airlines (F9) will discontinue Electronic Ticketing and become the newest ticketless airline. [more]

Dae Yi2015-03-04T14:54:00Z
Amadeus Talks Live presents Amadeus Dynamic Travel Documents! about the new Amadeus Dynamic Travel Documents on January 21. [more]]]>Jayne Bradley2015-01-16T14:54:00ZIntroducing Amadeus Dynamic Travel Document!


Amadeus Dynamic Travel Documents is an innovative graphic travel document, that when used with existing tools such as itinerary remarks, contributes to a more enriched customer booking experience. [more]

Sandra Richardson2014-12-11T14:54:00Z
Get ready to learn! Upcoming webinars deliver specialized training Training Services instructors will be presenting special webinar sessions October 28 - 30, 2014, to explain the different exchange tools offered by Amadeus and how to use each for the exchange you are trying to perform.]]>Sandra Richardson2014-10-23T14:54:00ZStore, send and confirm: Three steps to becoming an invaluable travel advisor to increasing customer interest, Amadeus e-University is offering additional webinars on Amadeus Offers October 7 - 9. [more]]]>Sandra Richardson2014-09-30T14:54:00ZTraining Services is dedicating two weeks to Amadeus Hotels

Due to increasing customer demand, Amadeus e-University will be offering additional training on Amadeus Hotels. Amadeus will be hosting a series of one-hour webinars specifically focused on how to maximize your bookings using hotel options. For example, how to locate a hotel from a list, check availability and sell with a guarantee. [more]

Sandra Richardson2014-09-12T14:54:00Z
Did you know you can book and purchase United Economy Plus seats in Amadeus?

You no longer have to go to United's website to request, book, and pay for United Economy Plus seats. You can do it all as an ancillary service in Amadeus and everything will be contained in their PNR. [more]

Sandra Richardson2014-09-08T14:54:00Z
Amadeus e-University now offers printable Conversion tables for easy reference

In order to provide you with more reference options, we have added printable versions of our Conversion formats. To find them, click Conversion under the Topics heading in the left navigation bar. [more]

Sandra Richardson2014-07-28T14:54:00Z
New Video: How to issue a ticket with two forms of payment (split payment) using an Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD) immediately, British Airways (BA) requires US/ARC agents to use EMD-S (Electronic Miscellaneous Document – Standalone) to collect the value of the first form of payment in cases where multiple forms of payment are being used (split form of payment transactions) to pay for a ticket. The EMD replaces the current paper MCO document (MD50). [more]]]>Sandra Richardson2014-07-01T14:54:00ZNew video: How to book a standalone service and issue an Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD)

Watch this short video for instructions on how to easily book and issue a standalone service and Electronic MIscellaneous Document (EMD). [more]

Sandra Richardson2014-04-21T14:54:00Z
Introducing Amadeus Talks Live!: A new interactive event new series of live discussions, hosted by Amadeus Training Services will offer an additional way to learn from our team of instructors, product managers and subject matter experts.[more]]]>Vanessa Torres2014-03-05T14:54:00ZNew: Ancillary Services and Electronic Miscellaneous Documents now available.

Amadeus Ancillary Services are optional services that your clients can purchase in combination with their airline tickets. [more]

Sandra Richardson2014-01-31T14:54:00Z
Glamping in the heart of Florida

The first thing that comes to most people’s minds when they think of Florida is our miles of beautiful, sandy beaches, but there is so much more to see. ...[more]

Dianne Escobar2013-12-18T14:54:00Z
Amadeus Selling Platform Connect – stored fare display option your preference is to work in Amadeus Selling Platform Connect using the Command Page, you have a new option for working with stored fares. You can select to display your stored fare in a graphical view even though you work in the Command Page. [more]]]>Sandra Richardson2013-12-10T14:54:00ZHow much is your hotel loyalty worth? loyalty programs are beginning to offer a host of rewards and benefits that are actually better than the airlines' when it comes to their flexibility, ease of redemption, and upgrades. These efforts appear to be working according to recent studies which show that membership by business travelers in frequent-stay plans jumped dramatically in the last few years. [more]]]>Jack Deloach2013-12-02T14:54:00ZFind exclusive savings for Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and Azamara cruises with Amadeus Cruise are three new fields in Amadeus Cruise 4.4 , to pre-qualify guests for exclusive savings for Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and Azamara cruises[more]]]>Enrique Sacristan2013-11-25T14:54:00ZNew graphical seat map displays are now available

New graphical seat maps are now available in Amadeus Selling Platform Classic v. 7.2P401. These new seat maps include enhanced legends and indicators for chargeable seats so that when Airline Ancillary Services are launched in North America, the chargeable seat(s) will be indicated with the price(s). [more]

Sandra Richardson2013-11-11T14:54:00Z
On my bucket list: Australia and New Zealand

I have wanted to visit Australia and New Zealand for years now and I think the time for my dream trip may soon be here...[more]

Dianne Escobar2013-11-04T14:54:00Z
Calculating exchanges: need more help? know how complicated some exchanges can be. It seems the rules are always changing, and the “normal” situations aren’t normal anymore! There are times you may feel frustrated and need some guidance; let’s review some available resources.[more]]]>Jayne Bradley2013-10-29T14:54:00ZGolf equipment: ship it don't shlep it love to play golf. Over the past 30 years, my spouse and I have played golf on vacations throughout the U.S. from Florida to California, the Caribbean, and even where the game was invented, Scotland. [more]]]>Enrique Sacristan2013-10-28T14:54:00ZIf my iPod could talk...

Having traveled extensively for many years now and worked for an airline for 10 years, I’ve learned a thing or two about packing and traveling efficiently. When I pack my 21 inch rollaboard I always include my cameras, medications, jewelry, electronic devices, any important documents, and a change of clothing just in case my checked baggage is lost. Up until recently, this method has worked for me. [more]

Enrique Sacristan2013-10-16T14:54:00Z
New features in AeU make enrolling multiple agents a snap!

AeU has added new functionality to allow agency decision makers to enroll multiple agents in classes and webinars.


Sandra Richardson2013-10-08T14:54:00Z
Will travel for food

  PizzeriaOutdoorsOne of the main pleasures of travel for me is food. Food not only sustains my body, but helps feed my heart, mind and soul. I think this stems from memories centered on the wonderful aromas from my grandmother’s kitchen and around our family meals – many shared with extended family and friends. Food connects me to other people as a cultural experience to be remembered and cherished.[more]

Bobby Hembree2013-10-02T14:54:00Z
Check your bag’s tags upon arrival…this means YOU!

Standing in the baggage claim area at the airport, we have all seen the signs advising us to keep an eye on our luggage and make sure we do not leave any bags unattended. There also used to be airport staff positioned at the exits to check people's claim tags, but in many airports, these positions have been eliminated. Now, the onus is on the traveler to pay attention, and keep their eyes peeled at all times. [more]

Jayne Bradley2013-09-05T14:54:00Z
Be Prepared Prepared” is the motto of the Boy Scouts of America and why became very clear to me during a week one hot summer while “vacationing” in the mountains of North Carolina with a troop of scouts and their leaders.[more]]]>Dianne Escobar2013-09-04T14:54:00ZSearch for, and cancel HX segments and avoid debit memos

Now you have two new choices to search for and cancel HX status segments to avoid debit memos from airlines! You can use the:

HX Cancel Segment Script: this requires set up, but will automatically cancel segments.
HX PNRs and put on queue Public Smart Key in Selling Platform Classic. This does not require any set up, but does require manual processing of PNRs from the queue to cancel the segments. [more]

Sandra Richardson2013-08-29T14:54:00Z
Amadeus Tours [Canada] introduces a new consolidator Tours [Canada] had added a new consolidator, Airliners, providing even more low fare options. [more]
Enrique Sacristan2013-08-21T14:54:00Z
Smart Keys can be Smart Flows in Selling Platform Connect,

Amadeus Selling Platform Connect's new enhancement allows you to translate your Selling Platform Classic Smart Keys into Selling Platform Connect Smart Flows. [more]

Enrique Sacristan2013-08-02T14:54:00Z
Amadeus Ticket Changer (ATC) now displays the reissue entries in stored fare history!

A new feature of ATC allows users to display all TST history elements related to ATC reissues performed on a ticket.

Detailed reissue information from the TQR (Automated Reissue TST) is now copied and stored in TST history once ATC creates the TST and after EOT (end of transaction). [more]

Linda McDonald2013-07-25T14:54:00Z
Unraveling International Airline Fees and Taxes taxes and fees can add up to as much as, or more than, the base fare of an airline ticket. In addition to the financial bite, the tax picture is often muddled and hard to decipher. [more]]]>Enrique Sacristan2013-07-15T14:54:00ZShift into gear with Amadeus Car e-vouchers Amadeus Cars e-vouchers as a form of payment, customers no longer need to present proof of reservation or payment when picking up their car. [more]]]>Jack Deloach2013-06-19T14:54:00ZBring Fido on your next vacation

 Gypsy Summer is here! It’s time for families to pack up the kids and head out for some major Summer fun. Family vacations can run the gamut from fun-in-the-sun to urban gallivants, but rarely does the family pet come along. Pet sitter schedules and boarding facilities fill up quickly during peak vacation times, so what about finding an alternative? [more]

Jack Deloach2013-06-12T14:54:00Z
Get around town easier with worldwide subway maps in Amadeus AgentNet

Subway MapWhether it’s the Underground in London, the U-Bahn, in Germany, the Tunnelbana in Sweden, the “L” in Chicago or other rapid-transit systems around the world, Amadeus AgentNet has a map to help customers find their way around more easily. [more]

Enrique Sacristan2013-06-05T14:54:00Z
Message Queue Cleanup Time

On May 31, 2013 Amadeus will perform system maintenance on Message Queues [more]

Dianne Escobar2013-05-28T14:54:00Z
INFOGRAPHIC: Happy 5th Birthday to the Voice of AeU! the five year mark, we have accomplished a lot together - sharing information that helps grow your business and skill set. Our infographic shows how we've grown over the years. [more]]]>Sandra Richardson2013-05-09T14:54:00ZFun Sun Vacations' packages are now available in Amadeus Tours [Canada] Sun Vacations' packages are now available in Amadeus Tours [Canada] [more]]]>Miguel Faria2013-05-01T14:54:00ZDomestic airline taxes and fees--what does it all mean?

Everyone knows that airline travel is taxing – physically and fiscally. Long security lines, full flights, and piles of fees (for everything from baggage to blankets) can leave a traveler’s head spinning. If you’ve ever wondered what exactly they’re charging for, read on. [more

Linda McDonald2013-04-29T14:54:00Z
Answer all your customers’ travel questions with Amadeus AgentNet’s Destination Guides

AgtNetDestGuideWorldHave you ever booked an itinerary for a client and they have questions about their travel documents, or the climate, or places to see at their destination? With Destination Guides in Amadeus AgentNet, you can view important information for over 250 countries, U.S. states and Canadian territories.[more]

Enrique Sacristan2013-04-17T14:54:00Z
Check out Amadeus e-University's new look!

If you've logged into Amadeus e-University today you may have noticed our new look; if you haven't, here's a quick overview of what you will find. [more]


Enrique Sacristan2013-04-08T14:54:00Z
Coming soon! Amadeus Open Profile Suite new profile product can help you increase productivity and enhance global flexibility while improving customer service and reducing operating costs.[more]]]>Dianne Escobar2013-03-19T14:54:00ZRequesting hotel negotiated rates…it’s easy as 1,2,3

Hotel negotiated rates are special rates that your agency, head office, or consortium have negotiated directly with the hotel chain or property. The steps to request hotel negotiated rates are provided in this blog article. [more]

Enrique Sacristan2013-03-15T14:54:00Z
100+ characters added to the fare calculation display area

Have you ever tried to issue a ticket and received the error response: Fare calculation too long ticket manually? Well, we have good news!  There has been an increase in the number of characters supported for the fare calculation display. [more] 

Jayne Bradley2013-03-12T14:54:00Z
It’s daylight savings time AND Amadeus “capture” time

For Amadeus customers who are using the Amadeus Training Environment , our first capture date of 2013 was February 2nd and the first restore date will be March 9th . This means that on March 9th , the data captured on February 2, will be displayed in Amadeus Training (the new training environment always operates five weeks behind the current date). [more]

Sandra Richardson2013-03-08T14:54:00Z
Have you installed the latest Amadeus Script Library update?

The latest Script Library update v2.0P300 includes modifications and enhancements that affect seven scripts as well as the Script Customization Utility for both the United States, Canada and Guam Micronesia. [more] 

Miguel Faria2013-03-05T14:54:00Z
Sail across the horizon with Amadeus Cruise


Spring is in the air and thoughts of European travel beckon. But why wait until the major destinations are filled with the crowds of summer? Spring is a wonderful time to visit, and what better way than a relaxing transatlantic cruise? In a world where everything is harried and hurried, imagine the unique thrill of taking a step into history—to a time when traveling was the adventure—and setting out to cruise across the horizon.[more]

Enrique Sacristan2013-02-28T14:54:00Z
Amadeus Selling Platform Connect now offers the new Smart Flow tool.

Selling Platform Connect, Amadeus' new web-based platform, now offers basic Smart Flow functionality.

Enrique Sacristan2013-02-21T14:54:00Z
Are your profiles “connected”? has recently introduced Selling Platform Connect a new Web-based platform for travel professionals. If you are a new to the system one of the first things you’ll need to know is how to create profiles for your clients.[more]]]>Dianne Escobar2013-02-14T14:54:00ZAmadeus supports American Airlines' Choice Essential and Choice Plus fare options Airlines has provided new options for travel in the main cabin within the continental United States, with the introduction of the Choice Essential and Choice Plus fare options. These fare options will make the customer’s travel experience on American more personalized, convenient, cost effective, and flexible than ever before. [more]]]>Linda McDonald2013-02-06T14:54:00ZOne ticket exchange term you need to know!

 The travel industry has many unique terms and phrases that we use on a daily basis.  

However, when it comes to ticket exchanges, “residual value” is one term you want to make sure you understand clearly. It comes in handy when using the Document Exchange Smart Tab in Amadeus Selling Platform and Amadeus Ticket Changer. [more] 


Jayne Bradley2013-01-29T14:54:00Z
Put all your webs in one basket with Amadeus Selling Platform Connect!

Amadeus Selling Platform Connect is a powerful Web-based platform for travel professionals that requires very little training and no installation. [more]

Sandra Richardson2013-01-25T14:54:00Z
Planning a move in 2013?

I moved four times last year, so I know a little about reducing that relocation pain [more]

Rory Lavender2013-01-15T14:54:00Z
Amadeus FlightAlerts keeps your customers advised of changes to their flights.

Unpredictable winter weather can cause unexpected itinerary changes. With Amadeus Flight Alerts, a user-friendly unique end-to-end trip notification service, keeps travelers informed before, during, and after their trip. [more]

Sandra Richardson2012-12-14T14:54:00Z
Compare negotiated and public rates with Amadeus Cars Plus Cars Plus allows you to combine both the CD and RC discount types and compare them with the best public rates available.[MORE]]]>Sandra Richardson2012-12-14T14:54:00ZWhat's the best airfare for your trip? Amadeus' Travel Seeker HD iPad app tells you that and more

These days, almost everyone has to set a budget when planning their trips. With the economy still on shaky ground, we all have to watch our spending, and Amadeus' Travel Seeker HD iPad application is here to help! [more] 

Cynthia Medina2012-12-10T14:54:00Z
How to enjoy a stress-free holiday season

For those of us in the travel business, the holidays can be our busiest times. Often, we are traveling ourselves! Hectic schedules, last minute changes, weather issues – we’ve seen it [more] 

Rory Lavender2012-12-04T14:54:00Z
With Amadeus AgentNet, travel aids are just a click away

Amadeus AgentNet is a comprehensive, web-based travel planning tool. The available travel aids include currency conversion, world time conversion, weather, maps, health information, visa and passport information and more! [more

Enrique Sacristan2012-11-30T14:54:00Z
Amadeus Hotel lists make it easy to find what you’re look for, fast!

Did you know that you can display a list of all hotels that Amadeus offers in a particular city? This is called a Hotel List Display. Check out this blog post to learn about it. [more]

Jack Deloach2012-11-27T14:54:00Z
Queue Planner lets you see the future

Queue Count Planner gives you greater control over your office workflow by letting you see the number of PNRs placed on queue for action on specific dates so you can effectively manage your resources to meet the volume of work.[more]

Dianne Escobar2012-11-20T14:54:00Z
Resetting agent passwords

Due to security issues, our help desk representatives can not reset your agent’s password. But, your agency’s Local Security Administrator or password officer can reset your password by entering a simple format. [more]

Sandra Richardson2012-11-20T14:54:00Z
Amadeus Ticket Changer + Amadeus Selling Platform Graphical Page = easy ticket exchange processing

Amadeus Ticket Changer (ATC) provides a quick, easy, and efficient way to process a ticket exchange. Watch this video to see how just a few clicks will calculate the amounts, prepare the PNR, and issue the exchange ticket. [more] 


Jayne Bradley2012-11-15T14:54:00Z
With new enhancements to Amadeus Tours Canada say ''au revoir'' to cooler temperatures and ''bonjour'' to sun, sand and surf

With autumn in full swing and the arrival of cooler temperatures, customers start thinking of the warmth of the southern sun and turquoise waves lapping on sandy beaches. With the new enhancements to Air Canada Vacations in Amadeus Tours Canada, your customers southern escape is closer than ever.[more] 


Miguel Faria2012-11-14T14:54:00Z
Make Amadeus Best Pricer your new BFF

The Amadeus Best Pricer format will be your best friend when you discover you can use it to find the lowest fare for your customer’s booked itinerary. Here’s a quick rundown of the four Best Pricer formats [more]

Linda McDonald2012-11-12T14:54:00Z
Make your PNRs disappear

Your customer has just called to cancel their reservation. In addition to canceling the booking, you can check to see which queues the displayed PNR is on and remove it from all queues in two easy steps.[more] 

Enrique Sacristan2012-10-30T14:54:00Z
Don’t take a step without mPassport(SM)!

mPassport_wrong_stepGetting sick is no fun. Especially when you happen to be on a 14-day tour of Europe. Unanticipated health issues or chronic conditions can flare up in faraway places. Do you know the Chinese equivalent of 911? How do you say “diabetes” in Russian? Can you find a Western-trained, English-speaking physician in Thailand?[more


Bobby Hembree2012-10-29T14:54:00Z
RailAgent Smart Tab and new configurator custom script make booking Amtrak a breeze!

Amadeus e Universitsy now offers a new On Demand video to show you how easy it is to book Amtrak using the RailAgent Smart Tab and now this experience has been enhanced with the new RailAgent Configurator Script. [more]

Sandra Richardson2012-10-22T14:54:00Z
Pack smarter with helpful hints from seasoned travelers

Even as a travel professional I struggle with maintaining a foolproof packing system. With airline regulations constantly changing and baggage fees getting higher and higher, “perfecting the pack” is a constant work in progress. How many outfits, beauty [more] 

Rory Lavender2012-10-19T14:54:00Z
Find the right hotel rate for your client’s budget

With the state of the economy today, clients are watching their pennies very closely and looking for hotels that fit their company policies and personal budgets. But, with so many properties to choose from, how do you quickly find the right hotel accommodation to fit their needs? [more]

Jack Deloach2012-10-17T14:54:00Z
Follow Amadeus’ lead: reduce your carbon footprint

In 2010, airline flights produced 628 million metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, the main contributor to global warming. Easily determine your carbon footprint and offset it the next time you travel. Learn how Amadeus is helping the industry reduce CO2 emissions. [more]


Becky Gonzalez2012-10-16T14:54:00Z
Fly the friendly skies in comfort: upgrade to a premium economy seat a long haul flight, flying premium economy is the perfect way for travelers to enjoy business or first class amenities such as priority check in, enhanced entertainment systems, better menu choices, and expedited baggage handling, without having to pay a first class fare. [more]]]>Linda McDonald2012-10-10T14:54:00ZAmadeus Ticket Changer gives “checking in” a new meaning Ticket Changer has a new, enhanced option that can be used with the informative pricing entry to consider checked-in coupons (status “C”) as eligible for an exchange. This enhancement currently implemented for our airline partners is coming soon for our travel agents. [more]]]>Jayne Bradley2012-10-08T14:54:00ZDeleting profile elements just got easier with the Profile Manager script you ever wondered why you can use the Profile Manager script in the Amadeus Script Library to build a profile, but not to delete a profile element? [More]
Miguel Faria2012-10-03T14:54:00Z
Amadeus is launching a new training environment on October 1, 2012

In order to facilitate the training process, Amadeus has created a new training environment for agents to practice and enhance their skills without impacting vendor inventory. [more]


Enrique Sacristan2012-09-25T14:54:00Z
Use Amadeus RailAgent to facilitate the sale of Amtrak tickets and rail passes

As the nation's intercity passenger rail operator, Amtrak connects America in safer, greener and healthier ways . Traveling by rail contributes less per passenger mile to greenhouse gas emissions than either cars or airplanes. According to U.S. Department of Energy data, Amtrak is almost 14 percent more efficient than domestic airline travel and 31 percent more efficient than auto travel on a per-passenger-mile basis. Amtrak has a range of behind-the-scenes and front-line security measures in place to ensure passenger rail security.[more]


Bobby Hembree2012-09-24T14:54:00Z
Preferences and personality: building the right vacation for your customer

Knowing the kind of traveler your clients are will help you guide them to the right destination and customize the trip details to fit their style.[more]

Dianne Escobar2012-09-18T14:54:00Z
Watch and learn: the AeU video library

The Amadeus e-University video library is a collection of short videos designed to show you how to complete a task in either the Amadeus Selling Platform Command Page (CP) or Selling Platform Graphic Page (GP). [more] 

Tannia Elsworth2012-09-13T14:54:00Z
A world tour comes to an end

One of the sobering parts of travel is that you eventually have to go home. Airports can be lonely places after saying goodbye to dear friends and the cherished part of the world they live. I can remember taking off from Nice, in the South of France, and flying  over the Mediterranean, unable to look back at the famous coastline of the Cote d’Azur as the plane looped back for its journey to Paris. Some journeys change us, as we leave behind more than just cities and landmarks but friendships and memories.

I had been visiting a dear friend of mine who happens to be the most seasoned and adventurous traveler that I know. She’s currently on a six month trip around the world, traveling to the Americas, Polynesia, Australia and New Zealand, and finally, Asia.

We can teach you how to book that kind of itinerary in AeU, but we can’t teach you how to tap into the emotions of a traveler who seeks adventure and something greater than just another tour or commercial experience. [more]


Justo F. Fajardo2012-09-11T14:54:00Z
Star ratings and reviews: do you give your “two cents?” you book hotels for your clients based on other customers’ feedback?  Personal recommendations have long influenced travelers, but with such an increase in social media usage, many hotel and travel-related websites such as Trip Advisor, Expedia, and, offer their readers the ability to make comments and rate their experiences at a particular hotel property. ]]>Jack Deloach2012-09-10T14:54:00ZSleep deprivation affects job performance; don’t slip up because of a lack of sleep!

We all probably realize that sleep is essential to good health, but how much do we really need? At least seven hours of consecutive sleep per night is essential for optimum health, not to mention that sleep deprivation [more] 

Rory Lavender2012-09-06T14:54:00Z
The top 5 things you need to know about configuring the Amadeus Script Library [Canada] Customization Utility

If you would like to begin using the Canadian script library but aren't sure where to start, let's begin with the Customization Utility. This component contains specific options for the Canadian market that must be activated in order for you to fully enjoy the benefits of the script library. [more]

Miguel Faria2012-08-29T14:54:00Z
More Infograhics on how Social Media has influenced the Travel Industry

We love infographicsPhoto by

In May, I posted some of my favorite travel industry infographics, which included several related to popular technology trends. In the past week, I've had several coworkers share with me two more infographics that outline how social media has influenced the travel industry and I wanted to share them with you as well: [more]

Cynthia Medina2012-08-24T14:54:00Z
Q: What’s confidential, but not a secret? A: Amadeus Confidential TSTs!

Have you ever wanted to make PNR data accessible to another agency, but did not want the details of the TST revealed?  With Amadeus’ Confidential TST feature you can do just that!  [more] 


Jayne Bradley2012-08-21T14:54:00Z
Staying connected on the road: Book hotels with wireless internet access

 When I travel, I always like to stay connected to my friends and family and keep up with current events.  This means I am always connected to a mobile device that requires an easily accessible wireless network connection.


Jack Deloach2012-08-17T14:54:00Z